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    mike smith

    Hi there,
    just purchased
    I am wanting the semi transparent background to the headline text as per demo but I am keen to:
    a. Perhaps change the colour of the background of the headline to a slightly less trasnparent grey (or alternative colour)
    b. At the moment the headline box is vertically central. Would prefer it perhaps 30% from the bottom of the box.

    Is there any help you can give or releavtn code to put in the css box that could help please

    One last one (though less crucial)…I like the background on the headline but maybe prefer some of the other designs. Is there some css code I coudl put in to make this happen

    Kind regards and thanks for your help



    mike smith

    Also having responsive problems on mobile..which is not showing image at all. Help please


    (See mikedemo9.info)



    please Give your site link where you are using Hover Items.
    And please give screenshot when you viewing on mobile. let us know also which smartphone you are using.
    CodeCans Team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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