About the Download

Free Version Available Here

Vubon Hover Effects WordPress Plugin is an impressive hover effects powered by pure CSS3 techniques including 3D translate and Great amazing Hover elements. Easy to use the beautiful amazing Image Hover Effects for your website.

Documentation: https://codecans.com/tutorials/vubon-hover-effects/

Video Tutorial:


VUbon Hover Effects Pro Version Features :

  • External link for each hover item
  • 22 Hover Effects
  • Change Font Family With 500+Google Font
  • Custom Font  For Title
  • Change Background Color
  • Change Hover Background Color
  • Change Background Opacity
  • Custom Font  For Description
  • Custom Font Size For Title
  • Unlimited Hover Items
  • Custom Font Color For Title
  • Custom Image Size (Height)
  • Custom Margin Between Two Items
  • Custom Image Size (Width)
  • 100% Responsive (ALL Device Support)
  • Space between two items
  • Cross Browser Support (IE)
  • Custom Font Size For Description
  • Custom Font Color For Description
  • Change Unlimited color with Color Picker
  • Open link in new tab
  • 24/7 Support